About Us


With our ‘Scents of Galway’ soap range we wanted to create a high-quality and authentic product that reflected  Galway’s unique characteristics; Something  people could easily take home with them as a keepsake  or to give to someone as a special gift.  With this in mind, each soap has been named after either a geographical location or a characteristic unique to the Galway area. The essential oils used have been carefully selected to reflect this also.  Each gift box contains a card describing the cultural significance of the soap and how it relates to Galway.  This way, I hope I can bring a little piece of Galway  to you, wherever in the world you might be.

Using only sustainable, high-quality and where possible, locally-sourced ingredients, each soap is lovingly crafted using the Cold Pressed method, to retain its quality and authenticity.  It is left to cure for between four to six weeks before it is ready to be carefully packaged and ready to use.

We are proud to say that ‘Scents of Galway’ soaps are:

100% Natural

Ethically Sourced 

Vegan friendly

Chemical Free

Not Tested on Animals