Gaeltacht Gorse Single Soap

Gaeltacht Gorse Single Soap

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This soap is named to celebrate two characteristics unique to Galway; its language and flora.

'Gaeltacht' is the Irish language word given to regions where ‘Irish’ is the main language spoken. Connemara, the largest of these, is an area of breathtaking beauty to the west of Galway city, which possesses an authentic and proud identity of its own.

Gorse is a native evergreen shrub that grows wild throughout Galway. In fact, all of the Gorse in our soaps is hand picked at my father's farm! The delicate floral aroma characteristic of the bright, yellow flowers, adds to the unique identity of this region. ‘When gorse is in blossom, kissing’s in season’ is a well-known saying and testament to the popularity of this beautiful native flower.

Topped with dried gorse flowers, scented with ylang ylang, orange and patchouli essential oils, and enriched with wild organic Irish oats for extra exfoliation, our ‘Gaeltacht Gorse’ soap will bring the fragrant Galway countryside straight into your home.